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John Sell and Julia Ann's house - the early years. John S. Boyer
In an effort to make this reunion the most informative as possible we are searching for stories and artifacts from the lives of Catharine and her six children. We're not asking you to part with treasured heirlooms, just to share digitized copies of what you may have. If you share with us we can share it here and at the reunion, so everyone can benefit and enjoy. 

The reunion will last a day - our cyber connectivity will be ongoing. With your help we can magnify and make accessible Catharine's legacy to all of her descendants. Given her generous and loving nature, we're comfortable in declaring that's just how Catharine would have wanted it.

If you have something you'd like to share, please email us with all the details and pictures at

For example: 

Catharine had a German Family Bible that included the inscriptions of family births and deaths also written in German. Mary B. Boyer had it in her possession in 1978. Does anyone have copies of those family pages or know where the Bible is?

Catharine was well known for her delicious Crumb Pie. Does anyone have a copy of the recipe?

Catharine brought a spinning wheel across the plains. Does anyone know if it still exists and where it may be? 

Catharine brought six children with her to Springville. We're looking for any autobiographical sketches those children may have written and passed down to their children.  Please let us know if you have one!
Philip Henry Boyer 1839-1905
John Sell Boyer 1840-1925
Francis Christian Boyer 1843-1908
Emma Elisabeth Boyer Huntington 1844 - 1874
Lydia Meleta Boyer Johnson 1849-1927
Mariah Catherine Boyer Mendenhall 1850-1915

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  1. We all saw a piece of beautiful Linen made by Catharine in Pennsylvania when she was a young woman. It is in Mariah's family. It was on display at our Reunion in Springville on July 28, 2012. What a treasure!
    Thank you for Sharing it with us!